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Valentine's Day - Issue #54

Valentine's Day - Issue #54
Rustic piped chocolate hearts with crushed freeze-dried raspberry.

Happy Thursday!

Valentine's Day is a very busy day in the culinary and floristry world, but what if you want to have a special night at home? It's easier than you think to pull off a beautiful and delicious meal at home especially when you can do most the preparation before hand! In this issue we've got a throw back to an older video where we put together an impressive date night dinner at home. Maybe this will inspire you to try a diy approach this Valentine's Day.

We've also got some tips and ideas for putting together a romantic platter for 2 or a few treats to share with your significant other. You can use whatever you fancy and use the tips shared to add that 'Valentine's Day' touch.

Next week we have a new video coming, so keep an eye out for what's in the pipeline. I can't wait to share it with you.

In this issue:

  • What’s in the pipeline? - Piped Tuile Biscuits
  • Inspiration from my kitchen - Valentine's Day Treats To Pull Off At The Last Minute.
  • Video throwback - Date Night Dinner At Home

What's in the Pipeline?

You might have come across our YouTube videos featuring tuile biscuits already, but in case you've missed them, here are the links.

Tuiles are delicate, thin biscuits primarily used as a garnish to elevate dessert presentations. It's amazing how the simple ingredients used to make tuile paste can be transformed into something that can dramatically enhance the visual appeal of a dessert or sweet treat.

Stay tuned for our upcoming video next week. In previous videos we've spread the tuile paste, this time we'll be piping it for a completely different effect. It's a gateway to a whole new world of creativity, and I'm excited to share it with you soon.

Inspiration From My Kitchen - Valentine's Day Treats To Pull Off At The Last Minute.

Special snacks or a DIY dinner at home for Valentine's day don't need to be tricky. You can plan any meal or snacks, and then think about incorporating any of these tips to give it a special Valentine's Day touch.

Valentine's Day platter inspiration.
  • Can you cut anything you plan to use into a heart shape?
  • Can you incorporate some red or pink into the colour scheme? Whether you add food in that colour like strawberries or tomatoes, use food colouring, choose crockery in a red or pink shade, or even add a garnish to include some red or pink it will definitely add a special Valentine's Day touch.
  • Simple piped chocolate hearts added to a platter or simple dessert can give the 'wow' factor to an otherwise plain dessert.

It's really that simple to take what you already have and turn it into something fitting for the occasion.

I had a little play with a few bits and pieces I found in my pantry to give you some ideas.

  • I used a cookie cutter to shape some scones into heart shapes and piped on the cream to look like a heart. Of course I used a red strawberry jam to add the red colour.
  • I cut the cheese into a heart shape.
  • I foraged for a few red and white roses to add colour and a romantic touch.
  • I found some wrapped chocolates and picked out the pink ones.
  • You can easily colour white chocolate with powdered food colouring to get a pink shade. I used this to give some plain pretzels a Valentine's Day touch.
  • I piped some rustic heart shaped chocolate decorations and sprinkled on freeze dried raspberries for colour and flavour. These can be used to enhance the presentation of any sweet treat or slice.

I hope if you're planning a Valentine's Day celebration that you have a fun putting together something home made with a special touch.

Video Throwback - Date Night Dinner At Home

Sometimes you want to enjoy a special meal in rather than dining out, and maybe that's your plan this Valentine's Day. I was thinking back to this older video - with so many make ahead components it's super easy to pull together at the last minute!

  • The potato bake is made a day in advance to give it time to press. This makes it easy to cut and all you need to do is warm it through to get a bit of colour before you serve it.
  • It also uses a slightly cheaper (but still meltingly tender) cut of steak. Learn how to sear it ahead of time and finish cooking it perfectly in the oven.
  • The garlic or herb butter can be made in advance and used straight from the freezer. It's delicious added to so many different meat cuts!
  • The jus can be made from the juices left in the pan after searing off the steak and mushroom.

It is a winner! Go and check it out.

Happy cooking,